JPMorgan Chase Stock Forecast & Price Predictions for 2024, 2025-2026 and Beyond

JPMorgan Chase & Co., with its impressive $2.6 trillion in assets and global operations, stands as a testament to enduring financial leadership and innovation. With a legacy stretching back to 1799, this financial behemoth has navigated through periods of economic prosperity and downturns alike, solidifying its stock as a reflection of resilience and stability in the financial sector.

This article will delve into the JPMorgan stock price forecast, analyzing the myriad factors, from economic indicators to regulatory changes, that could influence its trajectory in the coming years. We’ll provide insights into various expert predictions and JPMorgan’s stock price forecasts in 2024 and beyond, helping investors navigate the complexities of the financial market with greater confidence.

The article covers the following subjects:

Main takeaways: JPM Stock Forecast 2024-2030

According to an analyst’s bullish forecast, JPMorgan Chase stock has significant upside potential in the coming years. The stock could reach $243 in the next 12 months. The current price of JPM stock is $184.38.

Looking further, analysts see steady gains continuing, with price targets in the $170-185 range by 2025. If growth accelerates, JPM stock could trade between $180-200 per share in 2026-2027. Coin Price Forecast predicts a more optimistic view, with JPMorgan Chase’s stock reaching in the mid-year $370, and ending the year at $378.

Key risks to the upbeat outlook include worsening macroeconomic conditions, regulations, and competitive pressures. But analysts remain confident in JPMorgan’s ability to deliver long-term growth and upside for shareholders. The bullish projections make JPM stock an appealing buy investment today for those with a buy-and-hold strategy.

JPM Stock Price Today Coming Days and Week

The current price of JPM stock is around $184.38. Analysts hold a generally positive outlook on the stock, with an average price target of $180.38. The stock is rated as a “Buy” by analysts, indicating expectations of potential market outperformance in the near term. The nearest earnings date could be a significant event affecting the stock’s future trajectory​​​.

JPM Stock Price Forecast for 2024 – Expert Predictions

What will the JPMorgan Chase stock price be in 2024? Most analysts expect steady growth of JPM.

JPM Stock Price Predictions for 2024 from CoinPriceForecast

According to recent bullish analyst projections, JPMorgan Chase stock offers attractive upside potential in the coming years. JPMorgan is forecasted to reach prices between $182 – $197 by the end of 2024.

JPMorgan’s steady earnings growth drives the positive outlook, leading market position in critical businesses, reasonable valuation, and strong fundamentals. While risks like the highest inflation and potential economic slowdown remain, analysts see JPMorgan’s diversification and scale overcoming macro headwinds. JPMorgan stock is a promising choice for those looking to buy and hold.

Given the bullish forecast targets, JPMorgan stock appears positioned to generate impressive gains for investors with a long-term perspective. This could be a valuable buy for many.

Predictions for the Future from Gov Capital

Gov Capital predicts JPMorgan’s stock price forecast will reach an average of $149 – 155 by October 2024. The firm believes JPMorgan will continue benefiting from its strong market position and investment banking and trading leadership.

Ongoing expansion of digital offerings and new revenue streams should also support growth in 2024. Despite economic uncertainty, JPMorgan has posted steady earnings growth in recent quarters. This reflects its diversification and scale. The bank enjoys a healthy balance sheet with solid capital ratios, providing resilience.

Macroeconomic factors remain risky, but analysts see JPMorgan’s fundamentals overcoming broader challenges next year. GovCapital remains highly bullish on JPMorgan Chase stock, reiterating a ‘Strong Buy’ rating for 2024. They see the current valuation as attractive for long-term investors who may want to buy in.

Predictions for the Future from WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor estimates JPMorgan’s share price will reach $172 by October 2024.

JPMorgan’s scale and leading market share in critical businesses give it multiple growth avenues as conditions improve. The firm expects rising interest rates further to boost JPMorgan’s net interest income and margins next year. Continued strength in capital markets and investment banking revenues is another upside catalyst.

The analysts from WalletInvestor consider the JPM stock a ‘Strong Buy’ for 2024. They see robust total return potential. Now might be a promising real-time if you’re looking to moderate buy.

In summary, WalletInvestor forecasts an impressive upside in 2024, with JPMorgan stock potentially reaching $178.10. Growth drivers, leadership positions, and fundamentals support the bullish case.

Date Opening price, $ Closing price, $ Minimum price, $ Maximum price, $ Change
February 2024 168.263 169.407 168.263 170.815 0.68 % ▲
March 2024 169.224 167.248 166.844 169.224 -1.18 %▼
April 2024 167.330 168.475 167.330 168.553 0.68 % ▲
May 2024 168.341 168.936 167.716 168.936 0.35 % ▲
June 2024 168.985 166.626 166.600 169.071 -1.42 %▼
July 2024 166.647 170.211 166.647 170.285 2.09 % ▲
August 2024 170.246 169.125 169.011 170.280 -0.66 %▼
September 2024 169.193 169.772 169.193 170.145 0.34 % ▲
October 2024 169.829 172.470 169.723 172.470 1.53 % ▲
November 2024 172.611 175.445 172.611 175.445 1.62 % ▲
December 2024 175.423 178.110 175.346 178.110 1.51 % ▲

JPMorgan Chase Stock Technical Analysis

To have a complete and reliable idea about the JPMorgan Chase & Co company, we’ll analyze the H4, D1, W1, and MN time frames in detail. We’ll also use the following technical analysis instruments to determine the asset’s further moves more accurately: RSI, MACD, OBV, VWAP combined with SMA, and tick volumes. These indicators will help us identify the current trend’s strength, liquid buy and sell levels, and oversold/overbought areas.

Combining chart and candlestick analysis techniques with technical indicators will determine potential reversal levels, trend continuation and corrections, and better market entry points. Some of the most popular candlestick patterns and large price patterns are Gravestone doji, Harami, Engulfing patterns, Wedge varieties, Triangles, and some others.

To determine the buyer/seller market ratio, we’ll conduct a preliminary technical analysis of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s monthly price chart.

The monthly time frame shows consistent growth with corrections within a trend channel. The asset’s price has risen since September 2022, forming a new historical high at 183.41. A negative signal for market participants may be forming the third top of the Triple Top pattern, after which the price may reverse downwards. However, we can see the following reversal candlestick patterns forming: Bullish engulfing, Hammer, and Inverted Hammer. They strengthen the bullish potential.

The MACD values are growing in the positive zone while the MA lines are expanding, providing a signal to buy. The RSI is near the overbought area boundaries at 68, which may indicate a reversal. Still, there’s some potential growth, according to the RSI.

Besides, the price consolidates above the VWAP and SMA lines, which is a bullish signal. OBV’s trading volumes have been growing for six consecutive months, another positive signal. However, tick volumes show a decreasing trading activity.

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#JPM Stock Forecast For Next Three Months

To make a three-month forecast for #JPM stock price, we’ll use the H4 and D1 time frames.

The H4 time frame shows an almost perpendicular uptrend with slight downward corrections. The asset’s quotes have broken the upper boundary of the Bull pennant pattern and moved upwards, currently trading near resistance at 183.44. The pattern’s target is at around 188.80.

There’s a decrease in tick volumes amid the smooth growth of OBV’s trading volumes, which may signal a forthcoming price reversal. MACD and the RSI show hidden bearish divergences, indicating that the price is overheated and may reverse soon. The VWAP and SMA20 indicators signal uptrend continuation.

JPMorgan Chase & Co’s stock price is moving up in the daily chart. This positive trend evolves as the Bull flag pattern, and the target is located above resistance at 199.72.

We can see Hammer candlestick patterns formed at 164.41, 173.30, and 176.75; then, the price reverses to the upside. However, the Marubozu and Dark Cloud Cover bearish patterns warn market participants of the seller’s growing pressure.

Tick volumes are decreasing. A slight increase in OBV’s trading volumes and a sharp upward price movement signal a forthcoming downward correction. That’s also confirmed by the bearish divergence, according to the RSI.

However, the MACD values are increasing in the positive zone, signaling growth continuation. The VWAP weighted average price is below the asset’s price, which signals a continuation of the upward movement. The price consolidation above 183.44 will prompt the opening of longs with targets at 188.80-199.72 and higher in the next three months.

We cannot exclude the risk of an impulse breakout and price consolidation below the trend line and the horizontal support at 176.75, which may trigger a price reversal to 173.30-141.09.

Long-Term JPMorgan Shares Technical Analysis for 2024

We’ll have to analyze the weekly chart to make a long-term forecast for JPMorgan’s stock.

An active uptrend can be identified on the weekly time frame, too. We can single out the Three White Soldiers bullish trend continuation pattern, after which Bullish Engulfing and Hammer patterns formed at 164.41 and 173.30, respectively.

The RSI is directed upwards in the overbought zone, suggesting further growth potential. MACD is directed horizontally in the positive zone. The OBV indicator shows a smooth increase in trading volumes, while tick values show a decrease. The VWAP line is located below the price, indicating bullish potential.

The table below provides projected price highs and lows for each month of 2024.


JPMorgan Chase & Co (#JPM) projected values



March 2024



April 2024



May 2024



June 2024



July 2024



August 2024



September 2024



October 2024



November 2024



December 2024



 Long-term trading plan for JPMorgan Chase & Co (#JPM)

The performed technical analysis of JPMorgan Chase & Co’s stock helped us identify support and resistance levels and potential pivot points.

Trading plan for the next three months

According to the above analysis, the trading plan for the nearest months can be the following:

  • the key support levels are 176.75, 173.30, 168.75, 164.41, 155.75, and 141.09;

  • the key resistance levels are 183.44, 188.80, 194.48, and 199.72;

  • the asset’s price will likely continue to evolve within an ascending channel in the next three months. If the level 183.44 is broken, the price will increase to 188.80-199.72.

Trading plan for 2024

Based on the technical analysis of bigger time frames, the trading plan for 2024 can look as follows:

  • the key support levels: 164.41, 155.75, 141.09, 123.39, and 102.04;

  • the key resistance levels: 173.30, 183.44, 188.80, 210.95, and 230.52;

  • the asset will likely continue trading within a bullish trend in 2024, with potential price corrections at 188.80, 199.17, and 210.95.

JPM Stock Price Forecast for 2025 – Expert Predictions

Let’s find out what the JPM stock price will be in 2025. Most analysts expect the bullish trend to continue.

JPM Stock Forecast for 2025 from CoinPriceForecast

For 2025, the predictions are more optimistic, indicating a significant rise. The stock is forecasted to reach as high as $205 by the mid of 2025, translating to a total increase of about 15% from previous year.

JPMorgan’s ability to capitalize on economic recovery, higher interest rates, and leading positions across critical businesses like investment banking and trading drive the robust growth outlook. With steady GDP growth anticipated by 2025, analysts see revenues and earnings accelerating for the banking giant.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan’s investments in digital capabilities and new consumer offerings should unlock additional growth avenues. Given the strong growth drivers and upside scenario, analysts rated JPM stock as a compelling long-term buy with substantial returns likely over the next few years.









Predictions for the Future from Gov Capital

According to Gov Capital’s forecast, the JPM stock price in 2025 will fluctuate from $166.03 up to $357.27. Experts believe JPMorgan will accelerate growth in 2025 as economic conditions improve post-pandemic. JPMorgan’s scale, diversification, and leadership make it resilient to macro risks. Gov Capital sees valuation becoming more attractive as robust earnings growth materializes. They maintain a firmly bullish stance with a ‘Strong Buy’ rating for 2025.

Predictions for the Future from WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor predicts JPM stock will reach $185.571 per share by late 2025. This target range indicates a possible upside. Steady GDP growth and the lowest inflation are expected to drive higher revenues and earnings.

Experts see valuation becoming more attractive as JPMorgan delivers on profit growth. Strong capital returns via dividends and buybacks add to the bullish case. Risks include fiercer competition and potential regulations, but upside drivers outweigh. WalletInvestor maintains a firmly bullish “Strong Buy” rating on JPM stock through 2025.

Date Opening price, $ Closing price, $ Minimum price, $ Maximum price, $ Change
January 2025 178.152 175.860 175.607 178.505 -1.3 %▼
February 2025 176.212 177.085 176.212 178.433 0.49 % ▲
March 2025 176.355 174.854 174.421 176.355 -0.86 %▼
April 2025 174.985 175.982 174.945 176.139 0.57 % ▲
May 2025 175.969 176.437 175.301 176.437 0.27 % ▲
June 2025 176.540 174.175 174.175 176.648 -1.36 %▼
July 2025 174.300 177.824 174.274 177.836 1.98 % ▲
August 2025 177.870 176.678 176.588 177.870 -0.67 %▼
September 2025 176.715 177.446 176.715 177.728 0.41 % ▲
October 2025 177.331 180.068 177.331 180.068 1.52 % ▲
November 2025 180.308 182.987 180.308 182.987 1.46 % ▲
December 2025 183.002 185.571 182.923 185.571 1.38 % ▲

JPM Stock Price Forecast for 2026 – Expert Predictions

Most analysts expect continued growth in the JPM stock price. However, periods of correction cannot be ruled out.

JPM Stock Forecast for 2026 from CoinPriceForecast

According to projections by CoinPriceForecast agency, JP Morgan’s stock price is poised for steady growth over the next couple of years. By mid-2026, share prices are expected to reach $241. By the end of that year, prices are forecasted to climb further to $247, indicating a sizable 46% overall increase compared to current levels. If these predictions prove accurate, it signals profitable returns for investors as JP Morgan continues its upward trajectory. The market likely would welcome this consistent appreciation with optimism and confidence in the firm’s continued success in the coming years.

Predictions for the Future from WalletInvestor

Walletinvestor forecasts rollercoaster ride for JP Morgan shares through 2026 – prices dipping 1.31% by January before recovering with 0.72% growth in February. Downward trend resumes in March before more ups and downs for the rest of the year. Overall volatile 1-2% monthly changes signal uncertainty, though the year ends up 1.29%. Market may react nervously short-term but remain confident in long-term gains.


Opening price, $

Closing price, $

Minimum price, $

Maximum price, $


January 2026





-1.31 %▼

February 2026





0.72 % ▲

March 2026





-0.94 %▼

April 2026





0.62 % ▲

May 2026





0.17 % ▲

June 2026





-1.23 %▼

July 2026





1.97 % ▲

August 2026





-0.61 %▼

September 2026





0.31 % ▲

October 2026





1.37 % ▲

November 2026





1.47 % ▲

December 2026





1.29 % ▲

Price History of JPM Shares: Timeline

JPMorgan Chase stock has been on a general uptrend since 2015 but has seen some volatility based on earnings results and macroeconomic factors.

In 2018, JPM shares set a year high near $100 as solid earnings growth continued. But the stock pulled back later that year on global slowdown fears, and closed the year at $83.33. 

However it recovered in 2019 with a year high and close at $122.7262. However, 2020 saw a steep decline to a year low at $70.02 as the pandemic sparked recession worries.

The stock regained momentum in 2021 as economic recovery took hold, with JPM shares hitting a record peak of $148.10 by the end of 2021. Improving market conditions worldwide fueled the bull case.

Despite macroeconomic uncertainties, JPMorgan Chase has consistently demonstrated its durability through various economic phases. Analysts, recognizing the firm’s robust earnings and solid fundamentals, commonly advise that JPM stock is a strategic acquisition for long-term investors. The current market valuation presents an attractive opportunity for upside, per the optimistic forecasts by analysts.

Long-Term JPM Stock Forecast for 2027 and Beyond

The Gov Capital projections point to substantial additional upside for JPMorgan stock forecast over the next 5+ years based on consistent growth and market leadership.

The WalletInvestor projections point to robust upside for JPM stock through 2028, with an average analyst price target nearing $181.517 per share by 2028 based on consistent earnings growth and a solid market position.



Mid-Year Price

End- Year

Average Price









Factors that Can Affect the JPM Stock Price

Interest rates significantly influence JPMorgan’s earnings. Falling rates hurt lending margins and profitability. Global uncertainties that drive lower rates tend to pressure JPM stock. Quarterly solid earnings reports boost investor confidence and can lift JPMorgan’s share price. The company has a track record of solid execution and profit growth. JPMorgan’s investments in technology ($12.5B in 2022) support future growth in digital banking and new capabilities. This catalyst can lift the stock.

Acquisitions that expand JPMorgan’s market reach and assets, especially in management, are upside catalysts for the stock. Broader macro factors like economic growth, market volatility, regulations, and competition impact financial stocks like JPMorgan. In summary, while many complex drivers can affect JPMorgan’s stock price forecast, key factors are interest rates, earnings results, growth investments, strategic deals, and overall economic conditions. JPMorgan’s solid fundamentals and market position provide resilience through cycles.

Conclusion: Are JPM Stock a Good Investment?

In conclusion, JPMorgan Chase stock has significant upside potential in the coming years, according to analysts’ bullish projections. JPMorgan stock is forecasted to reach $170-$200 by the end of 2024 based on its steady earnings growth, leading market position, and solid fundamentals.

The positive outlook continues, with price targets approaching $200+ per share by 2028, driven by economic expansion and JPMorgan’s growth drivers. While risks like high inflation, competition, and regulations remain, analysts see JPMorgan’s diversification, scale, and execution overcoming challenges. 

With forecasted double-digit annual returns, JPMorgan stock is an attractive long-term investment. The bullish outlook makes JPM shares compelling for investors comfortable with the risks and willing to hold through potential volatility.

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