Trader Assistant Mini MT5 – Other – 19 August 2023

There is a Pro version of Trader Assistant MT5 too! Look at this

Was it great?! 😉

This is a handy tool for every trader who uses MT5. It has three modes of trade volume calculation, 1) fixed volume (lot size),2) fixed cash, and 3) fixed percent of your balance, all in a compact panel. Moreover, it has a fluent panel for risk-to-reward ratio calculation which is a beautifully graphical UI on the chart.

Trader Assistant Pro Demo

So message me about your needs of trading.

To download a demo version of this tool click on the link below:

How it works

It brings me joy to listen to your thoughts!

Trader Assistant Mini Demo

If you want to test the demo version of this Pro product click on the link below

Trader Assistant Mini MT5:

The process of installing is similar to “Trader Assistant MT5”, so click to see.

How to install the demo version of the product:

click on me!


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